Top 10 Best Running Man Episodes of All Time (Until 2017)

KMazing – Running Man has its up and down, but the variety show create such huge impact in the world of K-Variety which before the existence of Running Man less well known comparing to K-Pop or K-Drama. The program which consider themselves urban action variety paved the way for other variety show to get recognition from international fans.

The reason behind Running Man success *in my humble opinion* lies on their member. The member’s interaction, their character which compliment each other and their chemistry is such a solid example for any variety show to take a note on. The various character from one member also increase the spark of attention from the viewer and prevent boring outcome of any game they are playing. 

So, without further ado, let’s start our list of Top 10 Best Running Man Episode of all time.

1. Episode 8 

This episode is considered as the cornerstone of Running Man way toward success, because they are at that time still newbie in variety world, the PD and writer keep on changing the concept and the member, but “Running Ball” concept is the first successful hook from Running Man in fishing attention from the viewer. There are literally plenty of moment where you are going to be laughing out loud. This episode also shows the embarrassing past of each member which by itself quite funny *I swear moment from Ji Suk Jin old video really crack me up*. AH during this episode you can also see the first romance spark between Monday Couple.

2. Episode 38 – Yoomes Bond

This is the first time Running Man shows their capability in utilizing their chemistry between the member, Yoo Jae Suk plays vital role in getting this episode as interesting as possible *which reflect his capabilities as national MC*.  Yoo Jae Suk also earn this nickname Yoomes Bond from this very episode. His panic reaction after eliminating every member is so funny especially when Jae Suk try to eliminate “the pure” Gary.

3. Episode 60 – True Gary Show

Gary is taking “pure character” during his time with Running Man, and due to that character he is almost always be exempted from being in 1 vs 7 mission. Finally the PD agree to give him a chance, but my oh my Gary was tricked by the production staff. All the other member already knew that Gary is going to be the spy so the stake was heavier for other member for keeping their mouth shut and have to give their best reaction to Gary’s sloppy spy action. The ending still problematic for several fans, as it shows that Gary was leaving the building with big smile as if he knew that he was tricked.

4. Episode 74 – Merry Merry Christmas Special – Super Powers

This is the epitome of laughing stock in Running Man Episode, during this episode the member was given different super powers which led them to be rather very careful  in eliminating other member. The moment when Haha was eliminated change their perception and that was the start of huge fight between the members. Please do take your time to watch this episode and you will be directly hook toward this variety show. The PD gave them

5. Episode 137 – Princess and Fool Ondals

You literally can’t hold your laugh during the time you watch this episode, the joke was short but comes up exactly when it needed so the timing was nothing but perfect for this episode. The male member have to become fool boy and group up with princess which of course include Sayeon Nuna. The interaction between Gary and Jihyo is especially sweet during episode. And of course Kwangsoo is the best at acting fools.

6. Episode 141 – Animal Kingdom

This episode have a proper thorough concept with every little detail is taken care of, this episode really prove the teamwork of writer, PD and the cast goes on perfectly smooth. The concept was well thought and the execution by the member is perfect. This very episode even become the sketch concept in which Line and SBS are working together to create animation series for kids.

7. Episode 163 – Stealing Princess Jihyo’s Heart

This episode is getting on our list because of Big Bang, it’s rare to see Big Bang member especially GD to be wrestling and struggling in the mud. It’s satisfying to see the human side of Big Bang. The three member of Big Bang – Daesung, Seungri, and G-Dragon- team up with male member of Running Man to stole Princess Jihyo’s Heart through variety of game and challenge. The image of classy and luxury of Big Bang is round up 360 during this episode and you can clearly see how humble the famous stars could be.

8. Episode 213 – It’s Okay, I’m Chaebol

As vivid Running Man fans who follow and watch them every single week, I am quite skeptic when I saw the guest that came on this episode, yes I know they are visually good and enchanting but this is variety show. With skeptic mind I try to give it a shot with no prejudice, but boy I’ve never been this wrong all my life. The cast blend perfectly with the actresses who was famous for their antagonist character, the actresses even go out of lenght during several time throughout the episode. This episode is the most balance one as you can enjoy the visual *they are all beautiful* and their effort in creating funny moment is also entertaining.

9. Episode 216 – Running Heroes

The episode where the member became Avenger is a bit disappointing, but the production staff try the similar concept in this one, Running Heroes where the member became super hero which lost their super power and have to accomplish several task before the could get back their super power abilities. The peak of amusing on this episode is during courage test *spoiler alert*.

10. Episode 225 – The Last Case

During this episode the member plus guest divided into three group but, inside the group there are spy team which consisted of Kim Woobin and Lee Kwang Soo. It’s silly combination and they perfectly create whimsical moment throughout the episode while trying to stay hidden from the other member. The plot twist makes this episode enter our list plus the silly face challenge which got me every time I re-watch this episode.

Bonus Episode: Episode 261 – High School Special

This episode provide different type of reaction while watching Running Man, this episode offer more than laugh and go type of entertainment but rather embellish it with horror, thriller and chemistry between the fixed cast and their VJ. The mission is simple, the member was asked to to get their nametag and their VJ nametag from Abandoned High School. The interaction between each member as usual is exceptional but their relation with VJ is also provide droll moment for us viewer.

Agree with our list ? or Do you guys think there are other episode that should be on this list ? Please do leave a comment so that we could get a good recommendation from you guys. Ciao, Stay Awesome People !

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