Top 15 Best Korean Sad/Ballad Songs I’ve Ever Heard (Female Singers), You’ll Get Goosebumps!!

Hi guys, its been a while since my last post, because it needs a lot of time just to create 1 article, pheww….

Okay, so my previous post was about 16 best k-indie songs of all time, right now i’m going to tell you about the best korean ballad songs that i’ve ever know. And again, all of this songs are come from female singers. Because i like female voice more than male voice.

You may find some of these songs are underrated or you never heard about before, and you may also find several songs that already famous.

As usual, i rank these songs based on how much they make me goosebumps/shivering. Better rank means higher goosebumps level.

Anyway, lets get started..

15. Baek ji young – don’t forget

I bet you guys already know about this ahjumma. She is a veteran singer, and her voice is unquestionable. She is the first female korean ballad singer i’ve ever know in k-pop.

First time i know her is in 2010, when i was watching IRIS. Her legendary song “don’t forget” is all over the drama so it made me really addicted to her. Her high note and powerful voice is a masterpiece.

Here’s her song..

Baek ji young – don’t forget

14. J-Min – Hoo

I found J-Min in Mid 2014, when she make her comeback in Korea, because she was also sing in Japan (CMIIW).

I think this song is a bit unique, because the chorus section is just Hoo-ing, but her voice is beautiful and the music is relaxing so i got goosebumps when the first time i hear this song. Check this one out.

J-Min – Hoo

13. Gavy NJ – I wish

Well actually Gavy NJ already exist from a long time ago (maybe 10 years ago), but i just found them in October 2014 through this song LOL. That time i just searching for new ballad song in Youtube, and accidentally found their song. Their songs are good and their voices are powerful.

I think Gavy NJ and Davichi have a little similarity regarding their music. They turned to be ballad specialists (well, their songs aren’t 100% ballad though).

Here’s their song

Gavy NJ – I wish

12. Berry Good – First Love

I found this song through watching updated chart in Youtube, and i think Berry Good is one of underrated groups in K-pop world. Because their songs are not bad at all.

Anyway, here’s their song “First Love”

Berry Good – First Love

11. Ruamin – Always

I found Ruamin through watching weekly chart of Youtube. Thanks Youtube, without you i may never found this kind of song.

Is this the first time you hear “Ruamin”? well its not surprising because i also feel that Ruamin is very very underrated singer. FYI i think Ruamin’s face is a combination between Gong Seung Yeon and Juniel’s face LOL. Anyway she is very beautiful.

Here, you better check her song yourself. Maybe you’ll think “how in the world that there is this kind of great singer but still unknown”. You might get goosebumps here.

Ruamin – Always

Now we’re going to the top 10. Get ready to be more shivering and emotional songs, but don’t cry okay? (lol).


10. Park Soo Jin – My Story

This time, i’m really greteful to Youtube because i found Park Soo Jin when i was randomly surfing on Youtube. First time i found Park Soo Jin in Youtube was in December 2014.

The song is “My Story”, hear it yourself.

Her voice is powerful and the song is really great. Still to be continued about Park Soo Jin.

Check this out, the model of MV is SAM CHON PO from Reply 1994

Park Soo Jin – My Story

9. Davichi – Be warmed

In number 9, i have Davichi. I knew Davichi from a long time ago (in 2010) because one of the vocalist Kang Min Kyung was rumored to be dating with Goo Jun Pyo a.k.a. Lee Min Ho at that time. I just knew that Davichi have a great voice and songs, but i don’t care much about them until 2013, When this song, “Be Warmed” was released.

After i hear this song, finally i know about how great Davichi are, and start to care more about them. And Kang Min Kyung turned out to be one of the most beautiful K-pop singers that i’ve ever know.

If you ask me to choose between Davichi or Gavy NJ, well i have to say that Davichi is slightly better than Gavy NJ (without disrespecting Gavy NJ, because their songs are great too).

Here is the song “Be Warmed” that really made me Goosebumps when the first time i hear it.

Davichi – Be Warmed

8. Gavy NJ – Rewind

Moving on to number 8, we got another of Gavy NJ’s song right here, this time is “Rewind”. This song is the OST of Korean Drama “My Lovely Girl” in 2014, the lead actor is Rain, and the lead actress is Krystal.

I think this song is suitable for a couple. Supported with the MV, man this song is a true ballad song.

Check it out!

Gavy NJ – Rewind

7. Lee Michelle – Without You

In number 7 we got a unique one right here. Yeah it’s Lee Michelle. At first i thought Lee Michelle is foreigner who came to Korea, but after i search thoroughly, i found that Lee Michelle was born in Korea (in 1991).

Her mother is Korean but her father is African-American so thats the answer why she is like a foreigner.

Anyway about her voice, it’s unquestionable, and her song is very very amazing! Really will make you goosebumps. Check it out yourself.

Lee Michelle – Without You

6. Taeyeon – I

Okay, moving on to number 6. This time i got Taeyeon, and maybe all of the kpop lovers already know about her.

So, eventhough Taeyeon is too mainstream and not surprising, but still her song “I” is a masterpiece. No need to ask why, hear it yourself, because i got a very strong goosebumps when the first time i hear this song. Combined with the MV that i think is one of the greatest MVs i’ve ever seen (see it yourself).

Be careful, you’ll get a strong goosebumps right here. Check it out!

Taeyeon – I

We arrived at top 5! From now on, is all about making you goosebumps..



5. Soyou – Diamond

Many people said that Soyou always got covered by the mighty Hyorin, i really agree with that. But in fact, i like Soyou more than Hyorin. Because Soyou is underrated, and Hyorin is too mainstream.

Unlike Hyorin who has a strong and powerful voice, Soyou has a sweet and angel like voice. This is another reason why i like Soyou more than Hyorin.

And Soyou succeed to make me goosebumps really strong with her song “Diamond”.

Check out below.

Soyou – Diamond

4. Baek Ji Young feat Song Yoo Bin – Garosugil at Dawn

We’re back with Baek Ji Young in number 4. This time she collaborate with Song Yoo Bin, the contestant from Superstar K6.

Like always, her voice is so high and powerful so yeah i got a strong goosebumps when the first time i hear this song until now, and barely get bored by it.

Check her song below.

Baek Ji Young feat Song Yoo Bin – Garosugil at Dawn

3. Davichi – Don’t Move

Top 3! Another song from Davichi. But this time, it’s a one of a kind. Why? Because it’s really hard to choose among the best 3 songs and i have to put Davichi in third place. But i’ll tell you, if you are having a broken heart right now, this song could be number 1, this song would give you the strongest goosebumps compared to other songs.

Why? Just hear it yourself and you’ll know it. Warning, goosebumps inside!

Davichi – Don’t Move

RUNNER UP : Younha – Wasted

I found Younha in 2010, when he took a part in “Personal Taste” OST with “can’t believe it” (You can hear it here). After hear that song for the first time, i thought the singer is one of a kind because her voice is so unique and super amazing.

Later i found out that the singer is Younha and i started to care her more and follow her because her songs is great.

Then in October 2014 Younha came back with her new song “Wasted”, which is turned out to be one of the most amazing k-pop ballad songs i’ve ever heard. And i barely get bored by this song until now, eventhough i hear it everyday.

Check this one out below. Warning, goosebumps inside!

Younha – Wasted

Finally.. The best of the best..


WINNER / FIRST PLACE : Park Soo Jin – Falling

This is the song that i found in updated Youtube chart. Why i choose this song as the best korean ballad/sad song? Because the combination of song, MV, and the singer are the best compared to other songs.

I got touched when the first time i hear this song, and i nearly cried.

Eventhough i don’t know Korean language, somehow i got touched just by listening and seeing this song.

So, i think music is not just about understanding the meaning of lyric, but music is about listening, seeing, and feeling. And i got all of that in this song.

I think this is the saddest k-pop ballad song. You might get goosebumps and cry. Here’s the winner.

Park Soo Jin – Falling

Phew.. Wow.. Finally it ends right here.

Anyway, all of the songs above are just my opinion, you might feel the same as me or not.

I’ve wrote thousand of words above and hopefully it can be useful for you guys to help you find what Korean ballad songs that might feel the spot in your “must listen music” list.

Do you know another songs that are not in my list above but deserve and worthed to be there?

Or do you have your own list?

Share it and let me know in comment below.

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