Top 20 Best / Funniest Knowing Brothers Episodes of All Time (up to 2018)

Best Knowing Brothers Episodes of All Time

20Funniest Knowing Brothers Episodes (up to 2018)

KMazing – This one Korean variety show is one of the most famous one right now. They found their fame not only in South Koreans but Knowing Brothers successfully captivate the international fans. The act of the cast members with silly and funny skit each guaranteed to make us laugh on every episode.

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Every episode of Knowing Brother that has been aired had never disappointed their audience. The interaction between the cast and their guest will always successful to make us laugh and be entertained even though it’s just seen chatting casually.

JTBC’s flagship Knowing Brothers program has established itself as one of the most influential programs in Korea. In addition to consistently scoring fantastic ratings for the size of cable tv, its popularity can even beat some programs on the national tv station. And here at KMazing, we are catching up with all the episodes and picked our top 20 best episode of Knowing Brother.

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20. Episode 87 – Guest: BlackPink

The epic moment of this episode started when Jennie says that she has the ability to eat snack chips without making a sound. This is impossible to do because the crushed and crispiness of the chips will always make a sound even in the slightest.

But Jennie believes in her ability and wants to show it to the members. When Jennie tried and everyone was seriously concerned, there was still the sound of cracked chips in her mouth and this, made all the casting Knowing Brother and Blackpink members burst out laughing.

Jennie was trying for the second time but the result remains the same until the studio go chaos-ly loud laughing about her abilities



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