Top 20 Best Korean Dramas of All Time (as of 2017)

top best korean drama 2017

21Top 20 Best Korean Dramas of All Time (mixed between romance and non-romance) as of 2017

KMazing – Korean drama is first creating an impact in the 2000s. Moreover, Korean drama with romantic genre is often the favorite choice for the people all over the world. The number of Korean dramas now have sprung up due to competition for the highest rating and financial surplus.

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It can not be denied that the quality of Korean drama is fairly superior both from the flow of story and the quality of the production. Not just exciting, often the story is displayed can make the audience feel the various emotions from sadness to happiness – a roller coaster of feeling. It is still coupled with the ranks of actors and actresses that are handsome and beautiful, making Korean Drama more and more loved by fans around the world.

Especially now, as the globalization touch every aspect of life. It’s getting easier for audience to be able to watch Korean Drama, you can stream or subscribe to Korean television channel and many other way. Well if you are looking for the best Korean drama recommendations that can stir your feelings, here are 20 best Korean dramas of KMazing special recommendation.

Disclaimer : the drama list is based on Kmazing team’s perspective, not based on rating or award winning. You’ll definitely find a lot of underrated dramas here that you might get confused why they are in the list. But, eventhough underrated, they are here for reasons, and the reasons are because they are super amazing and anti-mainstream, even better then high rated or award winning dramas. You don’t believe it? Watch it yourself.

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Enjoy the list!



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