Top 25 Most Handsome Korean Actors of All Time (Up To 2017)


25Oh Ji Ho

Okay, to start off our list we have the famous and handsome Oh Ji Ho, who is an actor born 14 April 1976. Other than Handsome, the thing that makes Oh Ji-Ho attractive is his sturdy and tall body.

Of course it makes Oh Ji-Ho very famous and became the idol of the female fans, maybe you guys are also one of his fans? Well he is not just selling his face per se, his acting skill is also good. Why I said good ? Please take your time to see and check his character from his performance in television series or movies, it’s all diversified and this shows the depth of his skill and his spectrum in engulfing any character needed for his work.

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  1. dear god?
    wheres nam joo hyuk
    seo in guk
    ji soo
    park bo gum ..(how can u miss him out??)
    park seo joon
    lee dong wook
    kang ha neul
    theres soo many && more newbies aswell


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