Top 20 Best The Simpsons Episodes of All Time (Up to 2017)


19Homer’s Enemy – Season 8

As much as Homer is depicted as a common lazy pig of a lower-white collar class fellow, he’s had some truly amazing undertakings and big chances throughout the years. “Homer’s Enemy” acquainted us with Frank Grimes, the man who was everything Homer isn’t. Grimes was wise and goal-oriented, yet he would never appear to get a break in life. And the greater part of his repressed animosity burst forward when he experienced Homer, a cheerful family man with a house and a not too bad occupation and everything Grimes didn’t have.

It was certainly diverting to see Grimey lash out at a man too cheerfully harsh to acknowledge he had made a mortal adversary. Be that as it may, in some ways this is one of the darker Simpsons scenes. It indicated watchers that occasionally life truly is out of line, and a few people simply don’t get what they need out of life, regardless of how hard they battle.


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