Top 20 Best NBA Players of All Time (Up to 2017)


19Scottie Pippen

The player with the full name Scottie Maurice Pippen is the teammate of Michael Jordan when the Chicago Bulls takes the NBA champion six times. Many assume that Pippen is always under the shadow of Jordan. Indeed there is a point, it was proved when the team was abandoned by Jordan, it is Pippen who always scored the highest point for the Bulls but still cannot take the Bulls into a champion.

Because obviously, Pippen’s contribution is so great for Jordan in making the Bulls succeed the champion. Pippen is well known as the best defending player. In addition, he has won six NBA championship rings, Pippen has also been elected eight times as the NBA All-Defensive player, 3 times All-Star First Team, 1 MVP All-star and he also holds the record of most players playing in the playoffs.


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