Top 20 Best Korean Romantic Movies of All Time (Up to 2017)


20Penny Pinchers (2011)

From the title, we can guess that this love story will be wrapped and goes around about money. So the story begins with Ji Woong, a student who got none whatsoever responsibility about his finance and keep on calling her mother to get a loan. The role of the extravagant guy was played Song Joong Ki is then expelled from his apartment. He was replaced by a woman named Hong Shil. The character was played by Han Ye Seul is the exact reverse person as Ji Woong. She is quite calculative, diligently saving her money, and always try to raise money even keeping track of the change as well ! Well, this romantic movie seemed like giving an idea to the audience, that love is more important than money.

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  1. twenty isnt really romance ..theres abit of romance ..its deffo funny..and the eye candy is good…more like a 14 rated american pie kind of vibe..without the sex?


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