Top 20 Best Korean Horror Movies of All Time Up To 2017 (Thriller, Crime)


20Cinderella (2006)

Cinderella is played by Do Ji Won (Yoon Hee), Shin Se Kyung (Hyeon Su), Yoo Da In (Su Kyoung), Cheon So Min (Hye Won), Ahn Ah Yeong (Jae Hui), and Jo Sung Ha (Dad Hyeon Su) told the story of a plastic surgeon. Yoon Hee is a plastic surgeon. Previously there has been an accident that resulted in her son Hyeon Su suffered severe burns. Then Yoon Hee meets a little girl and asks her to come home. Then she told the orphan to call her, mother.

The orphaned girl is so close to Yoon Hee and they love each other. Long story short strange things starts to happen. A visible appearance of a woman wearing a blue dress. These strange events are all the because of the work of Yoon Hee while doing plastic surgery.


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