Top 20 Best Korean Dramas of All Time (Up To 2017)


20Save Me (OCN, 2017)

The story of four young men who is jobless then by fate met a woman in distress. The woman says “save me”. and there revealed that the girl is involved with a group of heretical religions.

The drama is based on a web series titled Sesang Bakeuro by Jo Geum-San (published from June 21, 2011 to January 16, 2013). The story is quite heavy, telling about social life, a group of religious from the front looks good but actually plunged the congregation. A group of suspicious deviant and exist in a small town. Im Sang Mi and her family moved from Seoul. After arriving in the city they just realized that they have been cheated by her friend. The family was forced to live beside the cow shed. As a newcomer, which is directly seen by the head of the church administration, they got good treatment and is given a decent place to live. Seeing the goodness of the church Sang Mi feel something strange and do not believe the church, but she still follow because her family is indebted. One day she began to realize about the heresy and asked 4 people who were her high school friends to save her from the group’s trap.

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The drama touch too many thing in one hand, the distribution of concept and scene was great, the intention and the plotline is super great as well. The execution was superb and I still kinda enjoy it, due to the moral point indebted to the story. 

I think this drama is scarier than horror drama, imagine you are in the same situation as Seo Ye Ji in this drama, it’s really thrilling. Watch it yourself.


  1. I really admire your choice. I almost agree with every single drama you chose as top 20 although the police/thriller theme were in attention in this list. I would choose at least 15 dramas of this list as my top 30.
    And about your number one, I really enjoyed watching Another Oh Hae Young. it was different and as I started watching it with no high expectations ( no A-list actress/actor) but from the first minute I could see Im watching a superb drama. I can still remember the scene where she is running and he is putting sound effect by running! And also when she was angry and said: “I wish anybody who doesnt love me, dead” and when she was feeling happy she said she wished everybody be happy.
    Thank you for your list!

    • Hi Mary,

      Thanks for your opinion, we have similar taste of Korean drama.

      About Another Oh Hae Young, yeah I think there is still no drama which in the same level as it. It’s nearly perfection, from the OSTs, unique storyline, soul-touchingness, romance, acting, this drama is in the highest level, superb.

      You are so right, I started watching it with no any high expectations. The cast is so so, I just know maybe only Eric who is in the A-list actor, and do you know what happened after I watch this drama? Seo Hyun Jin became my ideal type of woman LOLOL (because I’m a guy). I have no any ideas that Seo Hyun Jin would be very lovely and attractive in this drama, even A-list actresses are no match to her. Seo Hyun Jin is the best! (fangirling)

      • yes I agree we have similar taste regarding Kdramas. I watched Voice, age of youth and tunnel which you suggested in your list and they were all of good quality. I particularly did like Age of youth.
        I think some high quality dramas could be added to this list such as Secret (ji sung), 100 days promise ( soo ae), coffee prince (gong yoo), its ok thats love (Gong Hyo Jin), princess man ( Moon Chae Won)
        And about Seo Hyun Jin, I knew her from Soo Baek Hyang drama. she played the main role and althogh it was a sweet drama but unfortunately it didnt receive much attention. she also had a brief appearance in three musketeers .
        Again Thank You for your list, I have to watch 2 dramas to complete your list.

  2. Your choice of drama is great but goblin, signal, dots, moon lovers and my love from another star would be my top 5. School 2015, weightlifting kim bok joo, strong woman do bong soon and kill me heal me are also great dramas.

  3. Hi, I almost agree with the dramas you’ve mentioned here. It was a surely an enlightenment for my days.
    But, I think you made a mistake about Defendant’s airing station. It should be SBS. 🙂

  4. I see you’re a big fan of legal/thriller dramas. I haven’t seen any historical though hahahaha we have opposite taste. But well thank you for this lists I will try some of this

  5. “It’s Okay That’s Love” “Legend of the Blue Sea” and “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” are my top three since I love a funny, feel good drama with a deeper underlying plot.


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