G-Dragon Album Spark Another Controversy

KMazing – It’s hard to be Big Bang fans right now, after T.O.P Marijuana case that clearly tarnish their good name now another controversy spark up. The fans of Big Bang is quite ecstatic with the release of the latest album by G-Dragon, the leader of the group. The music was good and the reception is extremely well, it’s a good boost for positive publication of the group. Read our review on GD’s new song here.

But the good news didn’t stay as long as they predicted, the bad news came from KMCIA (The Korean Music Content Industry). The organization that manage the music industry in Korea released an official statement regarding GD album that took shape in USB flash drive. the KMCIA stated that they will not be categorizing G-Dragon’s Flash Drive USB Extended Play Record (EP) as an album. This is due to the fact that the Flash Drive didn’t contain the song from the new album but rather popping up website where the owner got to enter the code from the flash drive to download the tracks.

The resemblance toward the medium for downloading the album rather than the album itself is the main reason behind the KMCIA statement regarding GD new album. The impact on this announcement will be affecting Gaon Chart, Inkigayo and Music Core performance for GD’s latest album.

The star then expressed his thought regarding the issue via his Instagram account.

"What's The Problem?" 누군지도 모르는 어떠한 사람의 결정에 따라 한 아티스트의 작업물이 그저 '음반이다/아니다' 로 달랑 나뉘어지면 끝인가? 오랜 시간 고민끝에 겨우 단 몇 곡을 세상에 선보인다. 비닐에 쌓인 새 앨범이 손에 잡히면 그 기분은 매번 꿈같다. (LP, 테이프, CD, usb파일…등등) 포인트가 다르다. 정작 제일 중요한건 겉을 포장하고 있는 디자인적 요소와 재미까지 더한 형태가 아니라 아무것도 아닌 곳에 그 누가 어디서 틀어도 그 안에 담겨져 있는 음악, 그 가수의 목소리가 녹음된 그 음악이 제일 중요하다고 생각한다. 당신의 귀를 통해, 눈을 통해, 손을 통해, 입을 통해서 오랜시간 세월이 지나도 가슴속에 변치않고 영원히 기억될 수 있는. 그저 짧은 노래라 하지만 언젠가 인생의 한 페이지를 회상할 때같이 자연스럽게 뒤에 흘러나올 수 있는 그런. 좋은 멜로디와 좋은가사가 그게 전부다. 다른건 중요치 않다.

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“‘What’s the problem?’ Is it okay to divide an artist’s work into ‘record or not’ just by the decision of an unknown person? After a long period of contemplation, only a few tracks are shown to the world. It feels like a dream whenever I hold the newly wrapped album. (LP, tape, CD, USB file… etc) The points are different. The important point is not the packaging design, but the music and songs that hold my voice that anyone who’s anywhere can listen to. Things that can be forever remembered unchanging in your hearts through your ears, eyes, hands and mouth. Although it’s short, a song that can become a page in your life. Where good melody and good lyrics are everything. Nothing else is important.”

– G-Dragon

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