Hi Guys, if you are curious about me, here are some informations :

Guy or Girl?

I’m a guy.

How Old Are You?

I’m in my twenties.

How Long Have You Been Into Korean World?

Since early 2010. One day when i was preparing for my college exam (i was still in high school), my older brother randomly told me to watch SNSD – OH!! MV (the first K-POP MV i watch), he said “hey look at this”, well i was also randomly watch it. After i watched it, i was like discovering a whole new world. How can they all beautiful? And the song was really catchy. I’ve never see something like this before. At that time, i was so stressed because of college and school exams. But watching them really cured my stress, so that was really a turning point to me. And that’s the story why i become like me today, become a Korean lover.

What Makes You To Create This Blog?

I have a dream..

Right now, i feel like there aren’t many Korean lovers here in my life environtment. It is so hard to find a real korean lover, nearly zero. So i feel really lonely. I want to find Korean lovers as much as i can.

My dream is to meet you guys, Korean lovers. I want to find you, i want to interact and sharing many Korean things with you. That’s why i create this blog. So i won’t feel lonely anymore.

My ultimate dream is to go to Seoul, Korea. I want to go to places that i’ve seen in Korean Dramas, MVs, etc. I want to feel it, i want to see it with my own eyes. Maybe you guys can guide me there (lol).

There are also a lot of people said that K-pop has died, not booming anymore, etc. But for me, K-pop/Korean Entertainment will never die and always booming, always hot, trending, and interesting to talk about. That’s why i create this blog. Because i want to prove it to everyone that K-pop is still exist.

Why Kmazing?

It’s simple, Kmazing means Korea is amazing.

What do you like about Korea?


Favorite K-POP Group?

I like everygroup, no matter what group they are, i’ll like them if they have amazing songs that could make me goosebumps.

Favorite song?

a lot, usually i like K-Indie and K-Ballad songs more than energetic K-POP songs.

Favorite singer?

K-Indie : Lucia.

Ballad : Park Soo Jin, Younha, Davichi, Taeyeon, Baek Ji Young, etc.

But among those, Lucia still the best (i’m Lucia’s big fan).

Why all of them female?

Because i’m a guy, so i don’t take much interest to male group or male singer.

No Pic?

Nah, i’m not handsome.

Any other questions?

Let me know in comment below if you still have questions about me.

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